CE Week

Coming December

About CE Week

CE Week is a semi-annual event where you can tune in to expert-led online sessions, and collect a wide variety of CE credits. This is your opportunity to get your CE quickly and conveniently, from the comfort of home.

CE credits, accelerated.

At BCC, we know that collecting CE credits can be a challenge. You’re busy, you have competing priorities, and you may not want to give up your weekends or travel to a conference to get your credits. We created CE Week to help you get your credits quickly, easily, and in a convenient online format.

Get more from your subscription.

Our CE subscribers already have access to a large library of online courses and our CE Drive podcast, but CE Week adds even more value. Subscribers can attend CE Week at no additional cost – just register for the sessions you want below!

Join the club.

If you’re not a CE subscriber yet, check out our annual CE subscription to knock out all your credits at one affordable price. You’ll get access to all CE Week sessions, plus 100+ on-demand sessions, live monthly webinars, and our CE Drive podcast. It’s the easiest way to get all the credits you need, all in one place.

Your Host

Jason Watt

Business Career College

As the lead instructor at Business Career College, Jason is passionate about delivering the best financial services training in the industry. A true innovator, he is continuously exploring new ways to help students succeed, and to help financial services and insurance professionals level up their careers.